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Mark Wilson

Board of Advisors

Simon Business School, University of Rochester

Mark holds an extensive background in engineering, business, and teaching. He is the founder of Initiatives, an outsourced new product development company that has been creating and implementing medical devices since 1996. Mark is also the founder of Neworks rapid-fire technology commercialization workshops which include the Pre-Seed Workshop—an intense company-building accelerator. Since 2004, it has served as the spark for over 150 new technology-based companies. Additionally, Mark has 12-years with Baxter Healthcare and Bausch & Lomb in engineering and management roles that launched new medical device and pharmaceutical platforms now totaling over $1B in annual revenues.

Mark serves as a faculty member at the University of Rochester, Simon Business School, with teaching interests in innovation management and entrepreneurship. Regarding research interests, Mark believes that the concept-stage of innovation can be mechanized to greatly improve its currently discouraging statistics. With hands-on involvement in both corporate R&D and start-up companies, Wilson sees obvious parallels at the concept-stage between entrepreneurship and corporate new product development that have not been exploited and are in fact often scorned. -

Mark Wilson
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