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Clinical Database Researcher

Research Oversight Committee


About The Role

The Clinical Database Researcher is a pro-bono/volunteer position that researches databases online and creates innovative projects for Socratic Med’s Research Program’s mentees to expose students to research

The Clinical Database Researcher is responsible for formulating a research question, writing project methodology, introducing parameters, and doing investigative work utilizing past research or relevant data sets. The Researcher will also be responsible for outlining the contents of this project as would be reflected in an academic research paper. The Researcher will do this in a way that leaves the bulk of strategic thinking, calculations, and conclusions up to the students. The Clinical Database Researcher would be able to spend minimal yet sufficient time with a dataset to ascertain its relevance, without needing to do exhaustive calculations or data collections; these tasks will be carried out by the student participants as they learn, using these projects, how to better engage with and take part in clinical research.

This position collaborates with various roles, including but not limited to: mentors & mentees, director of research and development, research operations, chief research officer, chief executive officer, and chief medical officer.

Roles & Responsibilities

Ultimately, the job of the Clinical Database Researcher is investigating to create projects for pre-medical students. This may include:

  • Creating 2-4 (or more, if able) projects per financial quarter

  • Exploring various online data sets to provide direction on a given project

  • Creating ‘Project Modules’ for students to complete before research begins with information pertaining to specific aspects of the research project

  • Provide council and direction to students as they engage in research and have questions

  • Meet with the R&D team in a collaborative effort to ensure quality of projects

Reports to:

  1. Chief Executive Officer

  2. Chief Research Officer

  3. VP of Research Operations

  4. Director of Research & Development (R&D)

  5. Board of Directors

Collaborates Closely With:

  1. Director of Operations for R&D

  2. Research Program Mentors

Mandatory Experiences & Background:

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred or working towards Bachelor’s degree completion

  • Experience with data analysis and research manuscript writing.

  • Experience with statistical analysis programs and working with large datasets

  • Strong interest in biomedical research

  • 1 to 2 year commitment

Preferred Experiences & Background:

  • Familiarity with coding languages preferred (ex. MATLAB, R, Python etc.)

  • Working knowledge of the healthcare profession and medical school applications

  • Knowledge of research ethics, compliance, and regulations

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

  • Excellent research and analysis skills

  • Experience in productivity applications: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Suite, Emails